From the editor,

Dear Colleagues,

Since the Turkish Association for Speech and Language Therapists (DKYD) was founded in late 2004, its purpose has been to promote the field of speech and language pathology, and more importantly, establish the field on legal, scientific and ethical grounds. The most recent product of those efforts is the Journal of Language, Speech and Swallowing Research (JLSSR)(DKYAD, in Turkish). JLSSR has now completed its second year and is published three times a year. It can also be reached through DergiPark, a portal for scientific publications in Turkey. JLSSR comes about with the extraordinary efforts of the editors, the reviewers/consultants, authors and the technical staff. My heart-felt thanks to all of them! DKYAD accepts Turkish and English articles. Hence, the Journal not only presents a medium for those interested in normal processes and disorders of language, speech and swallowing in Turkey to share their work, also offers opportunities for the researchers and academicians in neighboring countries and others. Our hopes and standards are high; we will achieve them with the contributions of the scientists sharing those standards.


Pınar EGE, Ph.D.

Dergi Kapak

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