Manuscript Submission

1. DKYAD is published via DergiPark, a portal provided by the Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Agency TUBITAK, for Turkish journals. The entire process from manuscript submission through publication is managed and supervised by DergiPark.

2. Articles can be submitted through DergiPark or, more conveniently, through the Journal website, , using the ‘Send Manuscript’ button on the upper righthand corner.

3. When articles are submitted using the journal website, a link is provided to DergiPark.

4. Authors should include all personal information on a different page and submit it separately. The manuscript should not contain names or personal information.

5. DKYAD also has three forms that need to be filled, signed and submitted in addition to the manuscript: Copyright and Publication Policy Consent Form, Author Contribution and Credit Statement and Conflict of İnterest Disclosure Form.

6. The forms can be downloaded from the DergiPark Journal site, or more conveniently, from the website under For Authors → Forms.

7. The authors are also expected to submit their ‘Ethical Committee Approval’ form for empirical research, obtained from their institution. Other types of manuscripts do not need ethical approval.

  • In summary, the authors should submit: the personal information page (which should include names, titles, institutions, ORCID No and mail addresses), the manuscript, 3 forms obtained from DKYAD and the ethical approval form, if required.
  • Any questions may be directed to the journal by mail: