All submitted manuscripts must be original, previously unpublished and should not be under review by another journal. The authors are responsible for the originality of their articles.

The manuscripts are sent using the send manuscript section on the web site. In one box, only the pages that include the Turkish and English titles, names and information about the authors, acknowledgements and other information are entered. The second box is for the Turkish and English abstract and the manuscript. The manuscript section should also include the running head at the top of the page. For authors submitting in English who do not know Turkish, help will be provided if needed.

All submitted manuscripts will undergo a preliminary review by the editors, for relevance of the topic, language, style and academic competence. Those rejected are sent back to the author(s). Those that pass the review are sent, anonymously, to 3 reviewers selected from among the advisors or the reviewer pool. Depending on the opinion of the reviewers, the manuscripts might be sent back to the author(s)s for correction. The manuscripts must be sent back to the journal within the expected time period.

Manuscripts sent to DKYAD should be free of plagiarism.

All manuscripts should be prepared according to the American Psychological Association Publication Manual (6th edition).